Valley Oak Family Dentistry offers cutting-edge orthodontic solutions, including invisible braces, to address misalignment and provide discreet teeth straightening options for our patients. Invisible braces, often referring to clear aligner systems, are an innovative and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces. At our practice, we understand the importance of both effective orthodontic treatment and the desire for a more subtle approach to teeth straightening.

Here’s an overview of the invisible braces services at Valley Oak Family Dentistry:

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation: Our skilled orthodontic team conducts a thorough assessment of the patient’s dental alignment and bite. This evaluation helps determine the suitability of invisible braces for the individual’s specific orthodontic needs.
  2. Customized Treatment Plan: Based on the evaluation, a personalized treatment plan is created using advanced digital imaging technology. This plan outlines the step-by-step progression of tooth movement to achieve the desired alignment.
  3. Clear Aligner System: Valley Oak Family Dentistry utilizes advanced clear aligner systems, such as SureSmiles & Invisalign, that consist of custom-made, transparent trays. These trays are virtually invisible when worn and are removable, allowing for greater flexibility in daily activities like eating and oral hygiene.
  4. Comfortable and Convenient: Invisible braces offer a more comfortable orthodontic experience compared to traditional braces, as they have no metal brackets or wires. Patients can maintain their normal oral hygiene routine and enjoy a reduced risk of irritation or discomfort.
  5. Regular Monitoring and Adjustments: Throughout the treatment process, our orthodontic team monitors progress and makes necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Regular check-ups ensure that the teeth are moving according to the planned sequence.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: One of the significant advantages of invisible braces is their discreet appearance. They are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces, especially in professional and social settings.

Valley Oak Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing high-quality invisible braces services, combining advanced orthodontic technology with personalized care. Our goal is to help patients achieve the straight, healthy smiles they desire while minimizing the impact on their daily lives.

To discuss clear braces in the Livermore CA area, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Sure Smile Clear Braces

SureSmile is a hi-tech system that claims to straighten teeth in a far shorter time than traditional braces. To determine the precise position and angle of each tooth, an intraoral camera (Primescan) is used to take a three dimensional picture of the teeth. The archwire for the braces is created by a computer system and used to link the orthodontic brackets. The archwire is activated by body heat. The result is quicker treatment and more precise alignment. SureSmile® Retainers help maintain your new smile after treatment has ended.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place. It is custom-made for your teeth and is the best way to transform your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life.