Testimonials Submitted Online

What patients are saying about Valley Oak Family Dentistry, Dr. Dahiya & Dr. Selmeczy, and our staff:

“Just went for my check-up and cleaning. Johhnie, the hygienist, is fabulous and so good at what she does. I’m always a bit nervous when someone starts prodding and poking around in my mouth, but it’s not an issue with Johhnie. I will continue to be a patient here for a long time.”

“Dr. Selmeczy is a very knowledgeable, experienced, gentle and kind dentist. He takes great pride in his work. I had a LOT of dental work done and I felt absolutely no pain at any time. Dr. takes his time giving Novocaine shots and I felt absolutely no pain with the needle. I highly recommend the sedation if you are a high fear patient as I am. My dental experience included chair time of 4-5 hours and I slept virtually the whole way through. It was the best dental experience I’ve ever had and I’m relieved to have found such an excellent dentist and wonderful and caring staff. Best decision I’ve ever made.”

“Always professional, always sensitive to patient concerns. I hadn’t gone to a Dentist for years due to fear. Since I was introduced to Dr Selcmezy’s office I haven’t missed an appointment or procedure.”


“It has been some time since I’ve had to have any dental work done and I found this procedure surprisingly painless. I was also pleased that my crown could be made right there so I didn’t need to make more than one appointment, nor did I have to wear a temporary crown for several days.”

“First time ever I’ve liked my dentist and feel comfortable going in for cleaning and treatments!”

“Doc Endre is the best. He really lays it out for you, the state of you teeth with no pressure. Very Professional.”

“I have always been scared of dental work and I have a lot of phobias. After reading a lot of good reviews on Dr. Selmeczy, I decided to go see him.He is one of a kind. He is great. Him and his staff knew exactly how to make me comfortable. This is the most comfortable i have ever been at a dentist office.They had a lot of patients with me and took very good care of me.They knew exactly what to do for my fears and phobias.They are great.They made me very comfortable. I am so glad i am going to Dr. Selmeczy now.the office is like a cozy home. very warm and nice there.”

“Doc always takes care of me. I leave in such confidence that my teeth were completely taken cared of.”

“First off, let me say that I am one of those people who are not particularly fond of dentist visits. I’ve been a patient for a couple of years now and thankfully have not had any real issues with my teeth. Johnnie is fantastic and does a very thorough, but gentle, job when cleaning my teeth. When there has been subtle signs of something lurking, the doctor examines me, but has not been quick to suggest work unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s been quite a relief to say that I have been able to maintain good dental health and avoid major work. I am happy with my decision to become a patient here.”

“Good, meticulous cleaning by Johnny without much discomfort. She was sensitive to my needs.”

“How can one have two teeth extracted without pain and discomfort and have grate confidence in Dr. Selmeczy I did and drove away very pleased.”

“Love the staff and specially my dental tech!”

“I got my teeth cleaned with Johnny at Dr. Selmeczy’s office and she’s always amazing. She does a great job with the cleaning, is gentle on my teeth and very professional. She gives recommendations on how to properly care for your teeth and makes sure to let you know if certain areas of your dental care needs improvement. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. I have recommended Dr. Selmeczy’s office to many friends and family members and will continue to do so.”

“My first visit went very well. From time i walked in the door, Annette made me feel very welcome.I really liked the doctor.He listens and cares what you have to say.”

“I’ve been going to Dr. Selmeczy for years now. I always get friendly treatment, a good cleaning, and attention to my comfort. I chose Dr. S because he doesn’t use mercury amalgam fillings. I’ve had several crowns done by him and he is a skilled dentist.”

“I believe the work done and equipment used were of the highest standard.”

“I feel like I am entering the CHEERS bar where everyone knows your name…it is such a pleasant office and I enjoy coming for my visits.”

“staff was friendly and very helpful

“always a great experience – a super team at the office

“Very nice people, make you feel at ease and explain everything. Very fast, no wait EVER. Wouldn’t go anywhere else again.”

“As Always professional,friendly and painless!”

“Great staff all around and by far the best Hygienist I have ever had.”

“I have always been well taken care of by this warm inviting professional dentist. They always take the time to explain any question and the service they provide is at the top of the industry. If you want quality care look no further.”

“Hygienist was friendly, courteous and professional.”

“Quality service. Safe, friendly, professional. Comfortable setting.”

“good cleaning and will be back”

“Friendly, comfortable and professional.”

“The Dentist office is one of my least favorite places in the world but everyone here made me feel very comfortable.”

“The new online appointment reminders are a nice addition.”

“As always the experience was quite good. The team was ready for me at my scheduled time and were efficient in getting me in and out as scheduled.”

“Dr. Selmeczy and his staff are wonderful caring people.”


“After many years and many dentists, I have finally found a dentist that I have complete confidence in. Having a problem with pain control, my crown replacement was pain free and completed in one visit! I will definitely recommend Dr. Selmeczy to anyone, especially those who put the dentist at the bottom of their “to do” list. Dr. Selmeczy’s office staff is the greatest!”

“Greatest Dentistry experience ever.I’t was always a dreadful, painful experience to go in the past, but now it’s delightful,painless & I feel healthier & happier, thanks to the team of Endre Selmeczy D.M.D.,now the hardest thing about going to the dentist is pronouncing his last name.”